Middle Finger Heat Change Color Changing Coffee Mug Joke Funny Secret Santa

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Specification:Product name: Middle Finger Heat Color Change MugMaterial: CeramicsWeight: 400gSize: 8*9.5cm /3.1*3.7inchColor: Black(filled with hot water, it will change to white)Pattern: Middle fingerFeature: High temperature resistance/ Color changingFeatures:1. It is made from high quality ceramics material, which is durable and environmentally friendly.2. Built to greatly strict quality control standards, so it has a stable and excellent performance.3. A nice mug with a excellent appearance of middle finger pattern, can be a perfect gift or used by yourself.4. It is of high temperature resistance, and when it is filled with hot water, there is something surprise happen.5. It is black on its surface, but it becomes white when confronted with hot water.Package included:1x Middle Finger MugHeat Color Change Mug

Обновлено: 03.08.2020

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