TYJR Blackhead Remover Face Mask Nose Acne Pore Deep Cleansing Purifying Peel Off Black Mud 50ml

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Description:Brand:TYJRColor: BlackNet Capacity: 50gFor People: Male And Female CommonBenefits:Sucking Pores Within The Balckhead And Dirts, Fast Shrink Pores, Improve The Bright And Bright Skin.Package Included:1X Blackhead MaskHowto Use:1. Clean yourskinandusehottoweltoputontheT-zone thathaveopenpores / blackheadsfor3-5minutes2. Useanappropriateamountofthesuctionmaskandapplyontheface,mainlyontheareaswithblackheads.3. Waitforthemasktodryforabout15-20 mins till the mask turns dry.4. Peeloffthemask from the top to the bottom,and clean face with warm water5. Clean the face and apply the essence or emulsion to it.Features:1. Containing bamboo charcoal extract.2. Being mild and friendly to skin.3. Absorbing comedones anddirts in pores via bamboo charcoal.4. Alleviating coarse and clogged pores.5. Creating smooth,shining and elastic skin by long-term use.Note:1.Therealcoloroftheitemmaybeslightlydifferentfromthepicturesshownonwebsitecausedbymanyfactorssuchasbrightnessofyourmonitorandlightbrightness2. Whenyoupeeloffthemask,mayhavesomeachingfeelingandtheusingpartmayturnred, butafterfewminutes, theredandtheachingfeelingwilldisappear. Thisisnormalphenomenon.3.Avoid eyebrow,eyes,and lips4. Pleaseallowslightdeviationforthemeasurementdata5. Pleaseallow1-2cmerrorduetothehandmeasurementTips:1. Do allergy test on hands before use. Do not use the product if there is wound.2. Please avoid applying the product to areas around the eye and to the mouth. If the productgets into eyes, wash imm

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